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Are you looking for a camp that will give your child
the ultimate camping experience in a safe and secure environment? Look no further!

At Camp Nageela, your child will be immersed in a dynamic program that will provide opportunities to expand skills and discover new experiences. Our well-structured program balances sports, arts, specialties and nature with traditional camp activities and many Nageela surprises. Your child will come home with Nageela memories that will entertain your family for the rest of the year!


We are Camp Nageela are very proud of our excellent facilities that will become your child’s home for the summer. Campers feel a sense of pride in their camp surroundings and both personal and emotional comfort. This comfort and security helps assure that our campers have a wonderful summer developing skills in sports and the arts, and infused with pride in being a Jew.

Nageela staff are here and dedicated to helping your child develop confidence, pride and most important – joy – as today’s Jewish youth. A proud and self-confident child will become a productive and caring adult, one who is there for family and to serve the community. We take to heart that your child represents the future of the Jewish people.  


While all summer camps help children develop maturity to navigate the pathways of life, Camp Nageela puts a joyous skip into their walk. We look forward to giving this experience to your child.


Welcome to the Nageela family!